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Workforce Development

New Braunfels is experiencing tremendous growth and local business partners are finding it more difficult to find employees with the right set of skills, experience and ambition to fill open positions. Through strategic partnerships and membership involvement, the Chamber is committed to helping minimize the skills gap and reduce difficulties for both employers and employees.


Using a branded version of the Nepris website called “NB/STEAM,” businesses can now sign up to virtually meet with local classrooms to discuss career opportunities and the skills needed for professional success. Nepris manages all logistics and communications, so it’s easy for both teachers and industry professionals to get involved. All that’s needed to use the platform is a device with a camera and access to high speed internet.

Scholarship Clearinghouse

The Chamber has put together an informational page for students and their parents looking for information on scholarships for higher education. Use this resource to help figure out how to afford the next chapter in your life.

Education Portal

The Chamber’s Education Portal serves as a guide to local options for the next step after high school. The Portal offers resources for New Braunfels’ higher education options, area colleges, universities, and vocational training, helpful links and more.