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Your Vote Matters

Voting is a privilege that the New Braunfels Chamber holds in high regard. Voting is your opportunity to actively engage in the political process and influence the trajectory of our nation. We urge all residents to participate in their local, state, and national elections. This page serves as a valuable resource for staying informed about upcoming elections.

2023 Important Dates

Tuesday, October 10 – Last day to register to vote

Monday, October 23 – First day of early voting

Friday, November 3 – Last day of early voting 

Tuesday, November 7 – Election Day

The Chamber does not endorse candidates. We do engage in issue-based advocacy through policy development and official action of our board. 

November 7, 2023 Election Day

New Braunfels ISD

Proposition A: Voter Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE)

Prop A would add 3 cents to the NBISD tax rate for maintenance and operations (M&O). If Prop A passes (FOR), NBISD will raise $2.5 million. This revenue is needed to keep current academic programs in place and fund teacher and staff raises approved earlier this year, which allows NBISD to recruit and retain highly-qualified staff. If Prop A fails (AGAINST), New Braunfels ISD will face a budget shortfall that could cause reductions in our workforce and academic programs. The shortfall in funds could also impact future compensation increases.

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The Chamber Supports NBISD’s Proposition A >>


State Constitutional Amendments

Proposition Description

Prop 1

Establishes the right of people to engage in generally accepted farm, ranch, wildlife management, etc. practices.  Prohibits local governments from restricting an agricultural practice unless they show clear and convincing evidence of dangers or harms posed by the practice.

Prop 2**

Authorizes a county or local government to exempt all or part of the appraised value used to operate a child-care facility.

Prop 3

Prohibits the Legislature from imposing a tax on the net worth of individuals or business entities.

Prop 4**

Amends property tax system in the following way:

•Increases the homestead exemption from $40,000 to $100,000, which will cost the state $5.6 billion

•Creates 3 elected positions on local county appraisal boards with population over 75,000•

•“Appraisal Cap” – limits the increase in taxable values for non-homestead properties to no more than 20% per year (property value < $5 million

Prop 5

Establishes a $3 billion endowment to assist emerging research universities looking to expand their research activity.

The following universities would be eligible for funding immediately, other institutions would become eligible when they meet certain requirements:

•Texas State University

•Texas Tech University

•University of Houston and

•University of North Texas

Prop 6

Creates the “Texas water fund” which will be administered by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). The TWDB will use the $1 billion in the “Texas water fund” for several programs tailored for different types of water projects.

Prop 7

Creates the “Texas Energy Fund” which will be administered by the Public Utility Commission (PUC).

The PUC will use $5.0 billion in the fund to provide loans or grants to finance or incentivize the construction, maintenance, modernization, and operation of electric generating facilities.  Projects aimed at improving the reliability of the electric grid

Prop 8

Creates the “Broadband Infrastructure Fund” administered by the Comptroller.  The Comptroller will use $1.5 billion to finance infrastructure necessary to expand broadband internet service to underserved areas in the state.

Prop 9

Authorizes the legislature to provide cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for retirees in the Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS). If passed, the TRS will have $5 billion available to fund a COLA and certain one-time supplemental payments. 

Prop 10

Exempts from property tax the tangible personal property held by a manufacturer of medical or biomedical products.

Prop 11

Authorizes the conservation and reclamation districts in El Paso County to issue bonds supported by property taxes.  The districts would issue bonds for recreational purposes that will benefit the health and wellness of El Paso County residents.

Prop 12

Abolishes the County Treasurer in Galveston County.  Authorizes the Commissioners Court of Galveston County to employ or contract with a qualified person to perform duties previously performed by the County Treasurer.

Prop 13

Changes the mandatory retirement age for state judges to 79, whereas current law requires retirement at 75 years old.

Prop 14

Creates the “Centennial Parks Conservation Fund” to be administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). TPWD will use $1 billion to improve and create new state parks in Texas.

**The Chamber's Board of Directors have endorsed these propositions as they directly align with their approved legislative priorities for 2023. 

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The Chamber endorses Prop 2 and 4 >>

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