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Braunfels Foundation Trust

For the Betterment of New Braunfels

What is the Braunfels Foundation Trust?

The Braunfels Foundation Trust is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization founded after the devastating flood of 1972. The people of Braunfels, Germany presented a monetary gift of $1,500 as seed money.

What is the purpose of the Foundation Trust?

The purpose for which the Foundation Trust was created was the advancement of education and science, the lessening of the burdens of government, the combating of community deterioration, and the social welfare in the Greater New Braunfels Area.

Today, the Trust emphasizes youth education programs and scholarships.

Learn more about the Braunfels Foundation Trust at their website at

Living Legends

The Trust honors up to three Living Legends each year. The word ‘Legend’ has come to refer to any person whose name promises to be particularly enduring. A New Braunfels area Living Legend will have made a significant contribution to this immediate area, our state, or our nation.  This person shall reside in the area and be widely known for making a difference through their certain and well-known accomplishments.

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