Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership New Braunfels is a program produced by the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce and its Leadership New Braunfels Alumni Association for tenth and eleventh graders who attend New Braunfels High School, Canyon High School or a local private school (residing within the New Braunfels High School or Canyon High School attendance zones).

Youth Leadership Class of 2020 Application

Applications for the 23rd Class of Youth Leadership are now available. All references must be completed and returned by May 23, 2019 to be considered for Youth Leadership.



  • To identify students who have demonstrated leadership qualities or display a potential toward leadership
  • To select a class of approximately 30 participants who represent a diverse group of students
  • To present in-depth programs to acquaint participants with community needs, opportunities, problems and resources, and to allow interaction with community leaders
  • To provide opportunities for students from different environments to know one another and develop a level of trust and respect

The purpose of the Youth Leadership New Braunfels program is to train students in leadership techniques and community awareness. They will become familiar with current issues, community resources, opportunities and other factors influencing the direction of their community’s future. Through their participation in the program, the students will be prepared to make a positive impact on the quality of life in their community.  Youth Leadership New Braunfels has graduated over 600 students.

Youth Leadership New Braunfels is a series of seven school-day sessions covering areas such as city/county government, economic development, social needs, personal skills and other key topics in our community. The program also includes an orientation with parents, a full-day retreat and a graduation ceremony. This program will present in-depth classes that will acquaint participants with community problems and resources and allow interaction with community leaders and decision makers.

Tuition for the program is $185 and includes meals, breaks, supplemental transportation and course materials. Sponsors subsidize remaining cost of the program. Scholarships may be available but the participant is expected to personally pay a minimum of $50.

Applicant Selection
Participants for Youth Leadership New Braunfels are selected based upon their completed application. The programs seeks students who represent a cross-section of New Braunfels. The following criteria will be used in selection:

  • Must demonstrate interest in acquiring leadership skills
  • Must be willing to commit to attend all class sessions
  • Must have parent(s)/guardian(s) permission
  • Must have principal’s permission
  • Must have at least a “B” average
  • Must attend New Braunfels High School, Canyon High School or a local private school (residing within the New Braunfels High School or Canyon High School attendance zones)