LNB Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The Leadership New Braunfels Alumni Association is committed to encouraging community involvement and to providing its members with opportunities for networking, personal growth, and professional development.LNB Alumni

The Leadership New Braunfels Alumni Association has more than 700 members who have graduated from the Leadership New Braunfels program. The Association sponsors Youth Leadership New Braunfels. Annually, the association hosts a fundraiser to benefit the leadership programs and provide a fun, networking event for its members. The association also hosts candidate forums so members can get to know the local candidates and issues they will be voting on.


The LeadershipLab seminar series was created by the Leadership New Braunfels Alumni Association to expand the role of the Leadership New Braunfels program by providing leadership training to the public. The luncheons will feature presentations from various business experts allowing the participants to grow their professional skill sets.

Its purpose is to impart actionable information to all participants and raise awareness of the LNB program. LeadershipLabs will provide further opportunities for Leadership New Braunfels alumni and the public to grow as mentors.

Currently, LeadershipLab Seminars are unavailable, but the program is hoping to continue soon.

Candidates Forums

The Leadership New Braunfels Alumni Association will often host Candidates Forums prior to local elections.