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Upcoming Seminar
Attitude Infusion
Tuesday, January 29, 11:30 a.m.


Why is it that some people arrive early to work charged up and ready to burst out of the starting blocks of the daily "race for business," while others arrive at work and immediately dump their over-flowing backpacks of problems and complaints. The former hits the road, the latter heads to the coffee machine to share his/her whining to anyone within hearing distance.

Studies show that those who are "happy" get more done at a faster pace and are open at all times to opportunities.

Did you know that ATTITUDE outsells APTITUDE? Sales managers can train for skills and on-the-job aptitude, but elevating attitude in a worker is a bigger challenge. We often hear that the only two have-tos in life are dying and paying taxes. In this presentation you will learn that this isn't so. It is dying and making choices. 

Business is most often "follow the leader."  The leader sets the pace: positive or negative, or worse: complacent.

What about your company? Would engaged, happy and opportunistic employees make a difference to your customers and your bottom line? As the great distance runner, Steve Prefontane once said: "Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great." 

It's a new year. Why not move way beyond making 'resolutions?' Stir up some dust and help others make things better and brighter for all?  It all starts with making a choice.

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