Upcoming Seminar Series – CYA: Cover  Your Assets

The Chamber’s NB Business University will host a two-part seminar series, CYA: Cover Your Assets, to help business leaders identify and learn how to protect their information, resources and people. The first seminar, Cyber Security, will take place on May 10 from 11:30-1. The second seminar, Emergency Planning: Information, Personnel, Physical Assets, Catastrophic Events, will take place on June 12 from 11:30-1.



The Chamber helps your business progress by offering a variety of educational training and workshops geared toward small and medium sized businesses. Expand your business knowledge by attending one of our NB Business University Seminars.

NB Business University Seminars are designed to present relative information on issues facing business professionals in the management of their companies and careers. These seminars help our business community stay knowledgeable about key business concerns.

Learn what it takes to make your small business a success in New Braunfels. In order to prosper, you need to take control of your assets, resources, and vision and drive them successfully into the future. The New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce knows how vital education is to the survival and growth of small businesses.