2020 CensusThe City of New Braunfels has appointed a Complete Count Committee in advance of the 2020 US Census. Chamber of Commerce President Michael Meek was named Chairman of the committee to help raise awareness and encourage participation. The appointees represent the the non-profit, private, and government sectors of the community along with the education and religious communities.

As America’s 2nd fastest growing city, it is critical that the City gets as complete and accurate a count as possible since the number of congressional seats a state has and the distribution of billions of dollars of federal funding is based on population. In 2010 Texas gained four congressional seats and with a 14% increase since then, it is likely that the state may gain another three in 2020. In FY2016, Texas received $59 billion in federal funding based on data derived from the 2010 Census.

Residents will benefit from a complete count in the way of legislation and quality of life initiatives. Business will use the data to identify where to build their offices and stores. Local government will use the information for public safety and emergency preparation.

The New Braunfels Complete Count Committee branding statement is YOU COUNT- COUNT ME IN!

It is important to note that Census information is completely confidential. The Census Bureau never shares information with other government agencies such as the IRS, FBI, or Department of Homeland Security. In 2020, for the first time the Census is going digital by giving respondents the option to complete the questionnaire online as well as by phone or mail.