Response statistics for the 16 county region and Texas overall show New Braunfelsers responding to the 2020 Census above average. April 1 was officially Census Day across the nation. As of last week, over 35% of citizens here had completed their census questions, while Texas was at 30% overall.

With many citizens staying home due to the Coronavirus, the new ways to complete the census nine questions on-line or via phone is timely.  Residents have received thus far two mailings on the Census that contain your specific log in code.  Your individual answers provided are kept confidential and are not shared with any law enforcement agencies or other federal agencies.  

One use of the information is with the Center For Disease Control, better known as the CDC.  Having accurate data provides the CDC better modeling for creating strategies to fight the spread of diseases, like Covid-19.

CLICK HERE for more information on the 2020 Census.