The official start to the 2020 census is this Wednesday, April 1. Many of you, over a quarter to be more exact, have already responded and we lead the 16-county area in that response.

The initial and reminder letters were delivered to all our homes between March 12-24. This is the first time in history that we can respond on-line or via the phone. Couple that with the current “stay at home” environment and you get a recipe for a record response!

See this link for dates of adjusted operations based on recent events due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The July 31 final completion dates has moved out two weeks for example. The local Complete Count Committee, chaired by Chamber President Michael Meek, is meeting April 14 via Zoom virtual conference to continue their local promotional efforts. Area churches and employers are encouraged to promote the importance of responding to the 9 questions. 

You Count!  Count Me In, New Braunfels!