The back story for why I truly began Hill Country Junk is difficult. March 21, 2019 my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV (Level III) Metastatic Melanoma, which means he basically had one foot in the grave.  By April 10th he was on life support at MD Anderson in Houston. Since 2004, we have owned and operated a luxury home building business that serves San Antonio and the Hill Country. However, as he lay in ICU, all I could think was "What am I going to do? I don't know how to build a house." Though we have a terrific group of employees in our home building business who keep everything moving perfectly, I began to formulate a transitional business strategy in case the worst happened.

As I prayed about business opportunities that matched consumer needs in the Texas Hill Country, and surrounding counties, I began to see the real need for easy junk removal services. Twice now in just a few years I have desperately needed junk removal services for two major life events: the unexpected death of my mother, and when we decided to move to another town after 11 years in the same home. I absolutely would have paid to have the type of help we provide at Hill Country Junk!

My team at Hill Country Junk shares the same main goal, which is to help families clean out their attic, barn, construction material left-overs, family estate, garage, investment property left-overs, ranch, storage unit, etc. We haul off a variety of items, and a full list is on my website at  In addition, Before/After photos can be viewed on my FB site here.

I am thankful to share that my husband is battling valiantly, and shows tremendous improvement according to scans last month. His journey towards being cancer-free is moving in the right direction, but extremely painful. I hope to share this story with as many folks as possible! Thanks in advance for your interest in getting it publicized.

Warm regards,
Anne Lynnette Gallas
Hill Country Junk