IdeasThe UTSA Small Business Development Center will hold a workshop this Thursday, September 7 to help small businesses tackle their challenges and find clarity for their business. The PictureSpark workshop will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Chamber in Honors Hall.

Whether you need creative ideas, a strategic steer or a trusted sound board to your thinking, PictureSpark is an ideal opportunity to help you find clarity in your business ventures, purpose in your vision, and strategic action in reaching your goals. It is an interactive two-hour workshop facilitated by an experienced business innovator, Matt Guiver, who helps key decision makers find clarity and direction to one of their pressing business challenges by using professional picture cards that help identify and illustrate the challenges at hand.

All that is required is for participants to offer their experience, comment and opinion to provide maximum impact by examining each business challenge consecutively – thereby greatly increasing the chance of breakthroughs and solutions through collective experience. The key benefits to this workshop are not only gaining clarity to the bigger picture, but insights, solutions and possible actions to solving each of their challenges through group participation in as little as two hours!