Predictions for 2021

Nathan Manlove headshotUncertainty. The word that shrouded 2020 is already tainting 2021. While there is indeed plenty of uncertainty, I have three predictions for 2021 about which, for my part, I am 100% certain. 

The Chamber will still be the Chamber. The Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce has shepherded its local business community for over 100 years, and today serves a membership of almost 2,000 businesses. This longevity and success are due to consistency. Our Chamber has always focused on helping the New Braunfels business community succeed. That vision takes many forms. But success is, and always has been, the goal. Our reaction to this year will be like every other: we will lead. 

On our docket for 2021 is a new leader. You probably know Michael Meek, the Chamber CEO, is retiring this month. He will be working part-time to ensure continuity while the Chamber hires a new CEO to start in July. We all thank Mike for his outstanding 32 years of dedicated leadership.

New Braunfels will still be New Braunfels. Since 1845, this city has shown consistent tenacity. New Braunfels has experienced A LOT in the past 176 years – wars, pandemics, depression, recession, and so much more. But we've excelled because we're New Braunfelsers. We serve the greater community and are not just out for ourselves. The folks that first settled here came with something to offer the new town. Our founders included bakers, carpenters, farmers, civil engineers… the list goes on. Working together, these individuals led New Braunfels to what it is today. That spirit remains and will carry us on through whatever the future may hold.

In 2021, let's be citizens of New Braunfels who find even more ways to work together and serve. By serving each other, we make our city even stronger.

God will still be God. We're living out our story "down here," but make no mistake that our story is part of God's larger, higher story – the redemption of His world. That story was being told 10,000 years ago, is being told now, and will continue to be told 10,000 years from now. 

In 2021, I will remind myself of God's promises. He's told us that "for those who love God all things work together for good." What "good" means is sometimes unclear, especially in uncertain times. However, if God says it will work out for good, I know it will. I will go where He leads. 

I'd love to hear your predictions for 2021 in New Braunfels. If you've got something to share, please email me at

Nathan Manlove

2021 Chamber Chair of the Board