Since the middle of last week, we have been participating on daily calls with various organizations, including the Texas Education Agency, Texas Department of State Health Services, local agencies, and Region 20 superintendents. We have also been paying close attention to the federal government’s response to the coronavirus issue.

I’m sure that you have been paying attention to the latest developments as well, and as we all know the situation across the nation is rapidly changing daily, if not hourly. We are also hearing that we have yet to hit the peak spread of the coronavirus, which may still be weeks away.

Given the current situation, we know that it will not be possible for us to resume classes next Monday. So at this time, we are extending the closure for an additional two weeks through April 3, with the goal of resuming classes on April 6. This also includes any extracurricular activities, events, or meetings that were scheduled during this time period. Please know that this decision is based on the situation as it stands today and in concert with area school districts in the San Antonio region.

We understand that being closed has a ripple effect on families, which is why we do not take these decisions lightly. Our goal with giving you a two week notice is to hopefully help you with planning for your family needs. In addition, it will give us time to ensure we are prepared for students when we resume school.

Although we are closed, I and members of my staff are committed to addressing the many issues that have resulted from this unprecedented closure. In the coming days, we will be providing you with information regarding additional academic and technology resources, as well as information on grades and class rank. We will also keep you updated in a timely manner with any significant developments that may occur during the next two weeks.

Certainly, these are unusual times and it is in times of crisis that we often see the best versions of ourselves. Over the past several days, I have received emails from parents asking how they can volunteer to help. While I am thankful for this outpouring of kindness and generosity, I would rather folks be with their family and stay safe. However, I greatly appreciate everyone as you make it a blessing to live in a community such as this.

Andrew Kim
Comal ISD, Superintendent