CONTACT: Jenna Vinson
Communications and Community Engagement Director

                             City Orders Already in Line with Governor’s Executive Order

New Braunfels, TX — On April 17, 2020 Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order No. GA-16 to address safely and strategically reopening select services as the first step in COVID-19 recovery efforts. One major component of the order, which has already been in place in New Braunfels, allows non-essential retail services to resume business if their products can be provided through pickup or delivery. 

The City of New Braunfels issued a supplement to the Stay Home, Work Safe Order on March 27, 2020 which permits non-essential businesses to provide products and services through pickup or delivery. The order states:

C. All non-essential businesses must continue to keep stores, show rooms, and offices closed to the public. Employees may continue to work onsite only if they cannot perform work activities from home; however, products and services may be provided by means of curbside pick-up or home delivery by the retailer or service provider. 

“The Governor’s Executive Order affirms the actions our community has taken to ensure the safety of our residents while working to limit the economic impact to businesses,” said Mayor Barron Casteel. “While enacting measures to keep employees and consumers healthy, we also recognized that it is important for businesses who are able to function, do so in a safe manner. Retail operations and other non-essential businesses in New Braunfels have been able to remain open, so long as they provided their products through delivery or pick-up.”

The Executive Order allows these businesses across Texas to reopen April 24, 2020 while New Braunfels businesses who are already utilizing these methods may continue their operations using pickup and delivery. At this time, the City will not issue a new order or any amendments to the Stay Home, Work Safe order since the current order is already in compliance with the Governor’s directives. 

“The coordinated response to COVID-19 across New Braunfels has been crucial to keeping our community healthy,” continued Mayor Casteel. “We have to extend our sincerest gratitude to front-line employees, such as staff in the City’s fire, police and public works departments, for their continued work serving our community. We are also very thankful to our local media for their efforts to keep our residents informed of the situation and aware of constant changes. And we have great appreciation for our community partners who have worked together to address this issue and will continue to partner as we prepare for the safe reopening and recovery of New Braunfels.”