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February 12, 2019

CONTACT: Robert Camareno, City Manager
550 Landa Street
New Braunfels, TX 78130

City of New Braunfels 2019 Bond Special Election Called

New Braunfels, TX — On Monday, February 11th, New Braunfels City Council voted unanimously to call a Bond Program Special Election on May 4, 2019. The election is the culmination of a one-year development process that included the formation of a City Council appointed Bond Advisory Committee (BAC), sixteen public input meetings, preliminary engineering reports and cost projections, vetting and ranking on an initial slate of potential projects by the BAC, and final selection by City Council.

The Bond Program Development Process

January – March 2018
​The BAC reviewed and received information on a list of 155 potential projects.  Through a vetting process that included public input, the projects were reduced to a prioritized list of 21 viable projects for City Council consideration.

April – September 2018
​Council added to the list of projects and directed staff to perform preliminary engineering and cost estimating reports. 

October – November 2018
​The BAC received preliminary engineering reports and cost estimations for each project as well as additional public input.  The BAC then forwarded their recommendations to Council.

November 2018 – February 2019
​City Council evaluated and finalized the 2019 Bond Program projects and called for a May 2019 election.

Proposition 1: Streets

Goodwin/Conrads Lane Reconstruction: $21,397,150
Klein Road Reconstruction - Phase 2: $13,000,800
Citywide Streets Improvements: $15,000,000
Additional Streets Funding (the extensions of RM 306 and Business 81): $3,114,540

Total Streets Investment: $52,512,490
Application of Roadway Impact Fees: ($8,000,000)
Total Bond Proceeds - Proposition 1: $44,512,490

Proposition 2: Parks and Recreation

All Abilities Park Enhancements: $500,000
Comal Cemetery Wall Stabilization: $5,262,500
Sports Fields Complex Construction - Phase 1: $25,784,920

Total Parks and Recreation Investment: $31,547,420
NBEDC contribution - Sports Fields Complex Phase 1: ($15,000,000)
Total Bond Proceeds - Proposition 2: $16,547,420

Proposition 3: Public Safety

Fire Station #2 Replacement: $7,367,500
Fire Station #3 Replacement: $6,736,000
Police Department Facility: $36,311,250

Total Public Safety Investment: $50,414,750
Total Bond Proceeds - Proposition 3: $50,414,750

Proposition 4: Library

Westside Community Center expansion: $5,525,340

Total Library Investment: $5,525,340
Total Bond Proceeds - Proposition 4: $5,525,340

2019 Bond Program Investment

Total Future Investment: $140,000,000
Tax Notes - Preliminary Engineering Reports: $3,000,000
Total Investment: $143,000,000
Application of Roadway Impact Fees: ($8,000,000)
NBEDC Contribution to Sports Fields Complex - Phase 1: ($15,000,000)
Total Bond Issuance - 2019 Bond Program: $120,000,000

These investments are projected to result in a total of $120M in debt issuance, which includes the $3M already issued for the preliminary engineering reports and $117M for bond projects, which will appear on the May ballot.

“Input from public meetings and our biennial Citizen Survey formed the basis of the development of this program,” City Manager Robert Camareno said. “The City Council also values partnerships, which is reflected through the NBEDC’s participation. The Council understands that good government listens to what is important to its citizens, and this is certainly displayed in the projects offered in this bond program.”

“In addition, based on a set of assumptions, it is projected that this 2019 Bond Program should not impact the City’s property tax rate,” Camareno added.

“We encourage you to contact the City, at, if your organization would like for a speaker to provide information about the 2019 Bond Program projects or if you have any questions about the upcoming election,” noted Camareno.

Information on the 2019 Bond Program is also available at

Voting Information

The last day to submit an application to register to vote in this election is April 4th.

Early Voting: Comal County Elections Office @ 396 N. Seguin Avenue

Monday, April 22:  8am-5pm

Tuesday, April 23:  8am-5pm

Wednesday, April 24:  7am-7pm

Thursday, April 25:  8am-5pm

Friday, April 26:  8am-5pm

Saturday, April 27:  9am-1pm

Monday, April 29:  7am-7pm

Tuesday, April 30:  8am-5pm  

Election Day Voting: Saturday, May 4:  7am-7pm

District 1:  Westside Community Center @ 2932 S IH35

District 2:  First Church of the Nazarene @ 210 W Klein Rd

District 3:  Seele Elementary School @ 540 Howard St

District 4:  Faith United Church of Christ @ 970 N Loop 337

District 5:  Lamar Elementary School @ 240 N. Central Ave

District 6:  Walnut Springs Elementary School @ 1900 S Walnut

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