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CDC Encourages Everyone 12 Years and Older to Get COVID Vaccine

One of the more positive things that has emerged from the COVID pandemic is the global response by the medical and science fields. In less than a year, vaccines have been developed to slow down the spread of COVID and protect people from the worst aspects of the infection.

“It has been a roller coaster of a year for all of us, especially when it comes to safety guidelines regarding COVID,” said Dr. Muhamed Almouie, owner of Almouie Pediatrics. “From the beginning of this pandemic, Almouie Pediatrics has followed guidelines issued by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics,” he continued.

Dr. Almouie empathizes with parents who have struggled to keep up with the seemingly monthly changes to safety protocols including mask use, sanitizing surfaces, and social distancing. Most recently, Governor Abbott issued an executive order prohibiting government entities, such as public schools, from mandating mask use. “Scientists are still learning how this virus impacts the body and as they make new discoveries they’ve had to change the safety guidelines,” he stated. “However,” he continued “thanks to all that research and thousands of vaccine volunteers, we now have viable vaccines for people ages 12 years and older.” As more people become vaccinated, the less likely it is that strict safety protocols will be needed.

Almouie Pediatrics encourages parents to speak to their pediatrician about the COVID vaccine and schedule an appointment to have their children vaccinated. Almouie Pediatrics is offering vaccine appointments in the familiar comfort of their offices for their patients who are 12 years or older. To schedule an appointment at any of Almouie Pediatrics 17 locations, visit Almouie Pediatrics or call 833-NowKids (669-5437).


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