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This content is provided by Connally Plumbing Inc., a plumbing company serving New Braunfels and the surrounding areas, and a member of the New Braunfels Chamber since 2016.

Your website is often the very first impression that people get of your business. And you already know that first impressions are important. Depending on your website, people can get a very good or very negative first impression of your company.

We want to make sure that you put your very best foot forward and make the greatest first impression with every customer. Take a minute to read about three very important things you should NOT forget about when it comes to your website.

#1 — Do not forget about imagery.

People are visual; we are drawn to images. High-quality images can make all the difference between a professional and unprofessional website. You can use images to portray a humanistic element, show people your team, or showcase your products.

  • Use high-quality photos. Whether you hire a professional to take photos of your team, office, or products, or find stock photos that represent your industry, it is essential to use high-quality photos. The quality of your photos will subconsciously communicate the quality of your business.
  • Optimize your photos. Yes, your images have SEO value! Optimize their file names and alt texts with relevant keywords.

#2 — Do not forget about copy.

A well-designed website should make a good first impression to online users. Well-written content should keep users on your website. So often, businesses focus on designing a pretty website, and they ignore the huge role that words play. Don’t skip over your website’s content, or hastily write the content for each page. If you don’t have an in-house copywriter, it is worth the investment to hire one for your website.

Ask yourself the questions below about your site’s content.

  • Does your homepage clearly communicate what you do?
  • Does your copy speak directly to your target audience?
  • Do you include prominent call to actions?
  • Have you checked your copy for errors?

#3 — Do not forget about responsive design.

Responsive design allows users to easily view a website on a variety of screen sizes, from mobile phones to desktops.  Elements of the page adapt to smaller or larger screens, creating a friendly user experience. In our increasingly mobile world, responsive design is more important than ever, and it’s necessary for every website.

If you’re not sure your website is responsive, see how it displays on your mobile phone. It should be easy to navigate, but it might look a little different than it does on a desktop.

If you find that your website isn’t responsive, contact a web designer to help you update as soon as you can.


A poorly-designed website portrays a sloppy, unprofessional company. We’re sure your company is not either of those things, which is why having a professional, user-friendly website is so important. Invest in your website and represent your business the way it deserves.